18 March 2006


Sicko is the title of Michael Moore's next movie. You remember Michael Moore - his many films include "Roger & Me" in 1989 about General Motors, "Bowling for Columbine" which won an Oscar in 2003, and then "Fahrenheit 9/11" in 2004 about the Bush administration's reaction to 9/11.

He posted a letter on his website last month headlined "Send me your health-care horror stories." A few excerpts:

"How would you like to be in my next movie? I know you've probably heard I'm making a documentary about the health care industry..."

"Ok, here's your chance. As you can imagine, we've got the goods on these bastards. All we need now is to put a few of you in the movie and let the world see what the greatest country ever in the history of the universe does to its own people, simply because they have the misfortune of getting sick. Because getting sick, unless you are rich, is a crime – a crime for which you must pay, sometimes with your own life. "

"I am looking for a few heroes with a conscience. I know you are out there."

You can send your story to him at michael@michaelmoore.com . It will be interesting to see which stories he selects for his movie. Any hospital CEO who's seen "Roger & Me" will be hoping it's not any of his patients in the movie.