18 January 2006

Hey, Where Did Everybody Go?

This is very odd. One minute we were getting top management attention (when they found a printout of this blog lying around the hospital) and only days later top management was nowhere to be found (when the neurosurgeon installed the wrong shunts in my daughter's brain). Now, I understand the need to prioritize and I can't expect anyone to actually respond to my concern about a brain surgery error. We'll just continue to let Hunter lay in her bed and scream and vomit until someone has some spare time to look into the matter.

This blog entry is necessarily short today because I've had to spend the majority of my day trying to track down members of management at Seattle Children's Hospital to get some answers. I can tell you this Hospital is truly a center of excellence when it comes to avoidance of accountability with patients and their parents. I think they might be learning, though, that some parents are centers of excellence in forcing such accountability, and that excellence is only beginning.

All of your children in the Hospital are in my prayers. There is ultimate accountability.