17 March 2006

She's Baa-aack

I forgot to mention that Hunter was back in Seattle Children's Hospital this week as an inpatient - twice. She still has not recovered from all of the damage suffered from the series of infections she had from her last visit there. She had surgery today to implant a feeding tube as she is still unable to eat, still vomits almost hourly, and has gained no weight. She went in Monday but couldn't be scheduled for surgery until Friday, so came home Wednesday and was readmitted Friday morning.

You can imagine our apprehension as the last time she was in for a 3-day stay she became the 57-day infection case. I think everyone concerned is hoping that doesn't happen again but my wife is still onsite 24/7 to make sure people wash their hands, use Purell, don't re-use things dropped on the floor, administer the correct dose of the correct medications on time - you know, all those things that we parents are required to do as a part of our job description because some employees haven't read theirs nor have their supervisors.