06 January 2006

Seattle Children’s Hospital Management Takes Action! (Don’t You DARE Print This Blog!)

I was thrilled to see our Hospital management take swift and decisive action this morning. Apparently disturbed that a hard copy of this blog was found lying around somewhere in the Hospital, they wasted no time in dispatching Mr. Jim Sawyer, Director of Security and Transportation, to find me and ask for “2 minutes of my time”. Thank goodness the senior management of the Hospital is getting focused on these serious patient care quality issues! I can’t imagine the damage being done by a printout of a web page! I did have to remind Mr. Sawyer that it was a printout of a web page, not a “pamphlet”, and that it could be printed by anyone from any computer anywhere in the world, including any PC in the hospital. How puzzling.

I’m glad to know that this practice of immediate response by the “top guy” is in effect. I now assume that I can expect similar attention to more trivial issues such as the chronic lack of attention to infection control and my daughter’s fourth (or is it fifth?) consecutive infection and sixth (or is it seventh?) brain surgery, all in the past six weeks. I hope that I’ll get visits from the other top guys, and gals, in the coming days now that we have addressed the serious issue of web page printouts and can finally turn our attention to patient care, unless there is some other pressing priority in the Hospital. I did hear that someone may have left some old newspapers on a table in the Sound Café and I hope Mr. Sawyer has jumped on that crisis, too.

In the meantime, I look forward to those top guys' visits to my daughter's hospital room. Dr. Hansen, Dr. Molteni, Ms. Heath, you know her room number.